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.you ship Morgana/Katie with...?

Daily shipper community dedicated to Morgana/Katie

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For all your Morgana/Katie shipper needs!
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A daily shipper community dedicated to Morgana Le Fay, playing by the amazing Katie McGrath in BBC 1 tv show Merlin.
Have you ever had a feeling that Morgana needs more romance? If yes, this community is just for you.
The community was made for all pairings (including crossovers and etc.) All relationships: from friends to lovers and family. Also, we may post some Morgana/Katie news from time to time.
Let's spread some Morgana love.
01 Be nice and polite to each other and to the community. Say "no" to drama.
02 Don't bash on pairings you don't like
03 Don't forget that Morgana and Katie as well are women with high moral qualities. WE DON'T MAKE THEM SLUTTY! NEVER! We just support different ships.
04 You may post your fan art here including fanfics in which Morgana should be the main character or one of the main.
05 Use lj cut when it is necessary.
06 If you want to suggest a pairing we will be very delightful.
07 if you want to re-post any daily graphics on tumblr or other websites, PLEASE CREDIT THE COMMUNITY

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